Basic information:Edit

Quest Master:Edit



"So, like, this guy on Mac's list says he can give me a bunch of Ancient Bones for my experiments crazy cheap, but only if you guys come pick it up for me.  Whatever, this deal is supes good, no way am I passing it up.  Meet me on the Eubric Plains outside of town."  ~Kiri Murasaki, a mage

Party Requirements:Edit

"Like, 3-5 people, I guess.  I don't need anyone special.  Whatever."


"I guess I can, like, give your group 50 gold per Ancient Bone you bring back.  And a couple of hats I have lying around, I guess.  Heroes like hats, right?"


NPCs: Edit


Kiri Murasaki has sent Mac to escort the heroes deep in to the Eubric Plains. When the heroes arrives they are asked to retrieve som ancient bones. The hunt for the bones takes the heroes to the vicinity of the Donauld farm which is famed for teeming with monsters. Battling vermin, dinosaurs and mysterious knights they at last get the bones back to Kiri. Kiri uses the bones to conjure an undead Tyrannosaur which the heroes has to fight. The heroes are awarded the bones and later have an alternative to turn them over to scientists of the Tritech corporation for Ji Pei reputation.

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