"An assistant of mine went missing about a week ago, along with some items of importance to my research. I need a small party to locate the whereabouts of and recover my assistant as well as the items from somewhere within the city.”
~ Dr. Guillaume Mynatt, Formulist of the Guild of Invision

A Matter of Principle, was the eleventh quest of the Heroica RPG, hosted by Waterbrick Down.

Plot Edit

IMG 3042

Fighting the Crimson Crown in the catacombs.

The party met with their patron, Dr. Mynatt, outside the Guild of Invision who charged them with following the trail of his missing assistant, Julian. Wandering all over Eubric visiting shop after shop, the Party soon came to realize that the assistant had been tasked with gathering the ingredients to recreate the Gray Plague, a deadly virus. After some keen observation and puzzle solving, the group rescued the kidnapped Julian and defeated representatives from a mysterious cult, the Order of the Crimson Crown, stopping them from starting an epidemic.

Party Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

Notable Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

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