A Secret Under Eubric is the seventy-first quest in the Heroica RPG. It was the second quest to be hosted by Kintobor.

Plot Edit

Abbot Watt, the professor of History and Archaeology at the Academy of Enlightenment, calls upon the heroes to assist him in traversing the sewers to examine a potential Moon Elf site that survived the initial sinking of Nu Mercution. As the party escorted Abbot through the sewers, they encountered Wolfgang members, who the party decided to let live, the Shadow Sisters Maude, Helga, and Irene, and finally a Cave Troll, which the party dispatched.

Behind the Cave Troll, the party discovered that the Moon Elf site was actually the vault door to Haerasias's personal treasury. However, with no way to get in, Watt leaves the entrance behind in hopes that a way to opening the door could be found.

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