Abbot Watt is a professor at the Academy of Enlightenment in Eubric. He teaches History and Archaeology. His older brother, Costello Watt, became a member of the Guild of Invision. Both shared a passion in ancient Moon Elven history, particularly involving Mercution and it's sinking. Abbot isn't very brave, and prefers the comfort of his books and study over field work, although he does enjoy archaeological pursuits and field research.

After finishing his studies at the Academy, he left for a two week expedition to learn about the The Sheep Tribe. There he met a younger Chief Tarlock, who although the age difference the two men became friends. After his journey, he pursued his studies in history and archaeology.

Eventually Abbot hired a group of heroes to lead him through the sewers on a rumour of Moon Elf structures beneath. What he found was the entrance to King Haeresias's Vault. Unable to open it, he thanked the heroes and paid them for getting him started on his journey to open the vault's doors, a journey that would soon come with unwanted attention.

Abbot shortly thereafter hired the heroes to find his missing brother, Costello. It was soon revealed that a shadowy organization known as The Order Imperial were looking for stone tablets, and wanted Costello to translate Moon Elf scripture. After the heroes rescued him and acquired the tablet in the Order's possession, they returned to the Watt estate, and the two brothers were reunited.

Abbot would later on be trapped inside the Academy when it was attacked by demons. Abbot managed to survive the ordeal thanks to the heroes of Heroica, but the event left him more reclusive in his studies. He hasn't been seen since the incident at the Academy.

Appearances Edit

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