Abraxas the Proud was one of the three archdemons sealed to guard the forsaken temple of Zoot in Mercution that got buried in a magical war a thousand years ago. The city of Eubric was founded directly above the ruins of the temple, but the archdemons kept sleeping until Abraxas was awakened by the necromancer Sycamore Ziegfried some fifteen years ago. Drawn to the pride of the family of wizards, Abraxas enslaved Sycamore and her husband Zed and made them feed him souls so he could grow stronger - among them the soul of Zed's father, Fahrenheit.


Abraxas curses the Ziegfried family.

The cunning Abraxas thought Zed to be more easily controlled than his wife, so he killed Sycamore and turned her undead. Zed continued to provide him with souls, but when he tried to feed the demon his mother, Zelda, the rest of the family caught up to his ploy. Abraxas tried to gain hold of them by enchanting them, but a group of heroes from Heroica managed to break the spell and save the family. Zed was burned alive by the archdemon as a punishment for his failure. Abraxas went into hiding underground to plot his next move.


Abraxas burns Zed alive.

Next, Abraxas awakened the other two archdemons residing in the temple, Mephisto and Marilith, but they were both too weak to oppose the heroes of Heroica that hunted them down. Mephisto was banished back to Azazot, while Marilith fled Eubric after a failed attempt to harvest souls from the Academy of Enlightenment. Abraxas was left alone once more.


The possessed spirits try to coerce Lilly into serving Abraxas.

Abraxas next emerged when he tried to take control of the youngest member of the Ziegfried family, Lilly, through her dreams. With the help of her brother Bluto and another group of Heroicans, Lilly managed to fight back the spirits of Fahrenheit, Sycamore and Zed that the archdemon had sent into her mind, and break loose of the curse.


Abraxas's full form.

Abraxas is the personification of the sin of pride, and his personal element is lightning.


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