Addok-Zo Obbex is a player character played Eurobricks member Goliath in the Heroica RPG.  He is a 135-year old male Wakorian Ranger who joined Heroica on August 16, 2016.  Addok-Zo is the first Wakorian to be a member of Heroica.  He can easily be distinguished from most heroes as he is currently bald and has rough, leathery skin.  He also dons his signature armor that was jury-rigged from a salvaged automaton.  Since he prefers mayhem over diplomacy, his weapon of choice is his custom hand cannon and explosives.  The bigger the, the better.


Addok-Zo Obbex was born into what most consider a life of poverty.  However, in the eyes of a Wakorian, there is no such thing as poverty.  His parents made a living by being among the most well-known pirates in Abra.  The Obbex House was one of the three main houses leading the Wakorians until it was overthrown resulting in the deaths of his parents and the downfall of their influence.  In honor of his family, he became one of the Wakorian pirates when he was thirtytwo years-old.  When he reached the age of seventyfive, he had taken part in the raiding of a crashed airship which lead to the death of many Wakorian pirates.  He managed to survive and fashioned the hull of one of the automatons into some armor which would be among one of his prized possessions.  This impacted him significantly and he needed to escape from his fallen friends.  He was once again alone.

Before joining Heroica, Addok-Zo was a freelancer for sixty years.  His primary employer was Darvo.  Typically most jobs involved assassinating targets and escorting cargo.  He was good at what he did but grew tired of his small payments over the past few years.  With a small quantity of gold, he could not expand his arsenal of weapons and equipment.  However, he still used his signature weapon which was a jury-rigged hand cannon rifle with various upgrades he aquired over the years.


Being a new member and all, he has nothing interesting just yet.

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