He was greying and clearly not in his prime, yet there was a sense of regality to him. His tall, muscular, and furry figure looked the party over with a steely gaze. As he spoke, he spoke clearly and with power.
~ Kintobor

Alfendi, before his final battle.

Alfendi Lupine was a notorious thief, with a long list of successful robberies, and a penchant for leaving calling cards telling hosts that he intended to rob them. He was finally brought down by the heroes of Quest #103.

Battle StatisticsEdit



Alfendi Lupine *Immune to Sudden Death, Sealed, Jinxed, Bleeding, and all Poisons.*

  • Type: Beast
  • Level: N/A
  • Health: 2850/2850
  • Special: Agressive Frenzy – Alfendi goes into a frenzy of precision placed attacks, dealing 40 damage to all opponents and removing all positive effects from the party.
  • Special 2: Seer - The Broker looks into the future, becoming Lucky and Counterstrikes for three rounds.
  • Passive Special 1: Master Rogue - Alfendi's loot cannot be stolen.
  • Passive Special 2: Lust - Alfendi's level is equal to the target's x2.
  • Drops: Ivory Cane (WP: 7, holy stave), Alfendi's Cape (Provides immunity to fire, backwear, suitable for anyone), Mead x2, Neutralizer, Phoenix Essence

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