"My winery has just been named the target of famous burglar Alfendi Lupine. I don't know what he's after, but I have my ideas. If a group of heroes could watch over the house on the apparent night of the burglary, it would be more than just appreciated."
~ Sally

Quest 103#, Alfendi Lupine Strikes Again, was the one hundredth-and-third quest of the Heroica RPG, hosted by Kintobor.

Plot Edit

After traveling by carriage to the Akrone Winery and Vineyard, the party was greeted by Sally Akrone, and Lady Perin. Mrs. Akrone explained that she suspected Alfendi Lupine was after not merely her houses riches - but those of her elaborate wine cellar. Every year, she explained, Count Shadeaux, would send out a bottle of Akrone WIne to his associates - and if the supply was interrupted, the Winery would loose the Shadeux contract.


Sally Akrone exhibiting the Wine Cellar

Leaving the heroes with a map of the house, Sally and Perin left them to their work.

The night passed uneventfully until midnight, with the heroes wandering around and gently looting. Then, Lupine's thugs attacked in force, forcing the party to temporarily split up into multiple groups. Lind and Arthur made their way down to the Cellar, and fought the final group until the other heroes. The party came together in the Cellar, where they finally came face-to-face with the old and washed-out Lupine, who they defeated easily.

Party Edit

*Hoke Ablesword, 32 1/4 Mystic Knight

*Guts Holla, Level 31 1/4 Alchemist

*Alexander LeChevalier, Level 27 1/3 Black Knight

*Arthur Justus Regulus VII, Level 32 3/4 Skirmisher

*Thormanil Nihai, Level 37 2/4 Dragoon

*Lind Whisperer, Level 1 Rogue

Notable NPCs Edit

*Lady Perin

*Sally Akrone

Enemies Edit

*Alfendi Lupine

*The Broker


*Daniel Collins

*Fish-Faced McCoy



*Little Cindy Su

*Miss Fortune


*Tenma The Hardened

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