Ally Gator is a crocodile monster that appears in the Fields of Glory. It has also been sighted swimming in the sewers below Eubric.

Battle StatisticsEdit


Ally Gator

  • Type: Beast/Aquatic
  • Level: 5
  • Health: 26/26
  • Special: Twin Bite – Attacks in unison with the other Ally Gator, causing a total of 15 damage. If the other Ally Gator is defeated, nothing happens.
  • Drops: Potion

Fields of GloryEdit

Ally Gator

  • Type: Beast/Aquatic
  • Level: 10
  • Health: 76/76
  • Special: Pack Assault – Attacks in unison with other Ally Gators, causing damage equal to 10 times the number of Ally Gators. If all other Ally Gators are defeated, nothing happens.
  • Drops: Grand Potion

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