Archdemons are seven powerful demon lords that wreaked havoc in the ancient times. Recently they have been summoned from the Void again, forcing Heroica to dispatch them. Although undying, the archdemons are locked in a constant feud between each other in an attempt to prove themselves superior.

Each of the archdemons governs over one of the seven deadly sins and has their own elemental power:

Mephisto was defeated by heroes of Heroica at the Temple of Zoot under Eubric where he had been trapped for a millennia with Abraxas and Marilith. Marilith fled the city after failing to harvest souls from the Academy of Enlightenment, but Abraxas is still hiding and plotting somewhere below the city. Ahriman and Naamah were vanquished at the ruins of Azzurat by another group of Heroicans when they came to investigate the nightmarish visions Oracle Semiramis had been having. Rosier inhabits the Lost Forest in between the Empire of Dastan and Babeleth, waging war against the fairies. Leviathan's current place of existence is yet unknown to Heroica.

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