Aunt Theresa is an ample-chested Sister of Danab who found life in the temple dull, and instead wandered the countryside to help those in need there. She came across the Merry Women, a group of female bandits, who tried to rob her at first, but she coerced them into letting her tag along instead.

Theresa kept contact with the Sisterhood, too, and was among the sisters who travelled to Salmanda to attend a conclave to decide their next leader.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Aunt Theresa - "My bosom has been compared to that of Mother Danab herself."

  • Type: Humanoid/Holy
  • Level: 17
  • Health: 134/134
  • Special: Danab’s Blessing – Restores 50 health to all Merry Women.
  • Drops: Grand Potion

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