Map of the Babeleth Darklands.

The Babeleth Darklands are located south of the Empire of Dastan and east of the Fang Coast. It is the ancient homeland of sorcerers and witches. The dark magics running rampant there have twisted the landscape and turned many of its inhabitants into mutants. The surrounding nations send criminals into exile in Babeleth, making it a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of shady activities like smuggling, gambling and prostitution.

Locations in BabelethEdit


The central square of Vega.

  • Dim Haven: A village of smugglers that is built inside a cave.
  • Fellcrest: The somber town of the undead, ruled by Countess Lyudmila.
  • Lost Forest: A deep, dark forest between Babeleth and the Fang Coast. The bound archdemon Rosier holds his/her army of Dark Druids there, feeding off of fairy dust that trickles through the portals to The Faerie in hopes of one day being able to free him/herself.
  • Ozmath Marshlands: The forest ruled by witches, including Elphaba and her mother Zelena. The rare magical Wyrd Trees grow there.
  • Port Taboo: The village where Dain Almight first kept his bombcrafting shop.
  • Ruins of Transmogria: The ruins of this ancient capital of Babeleth were taken over by Maddog and his mutant refugees, who hunt the unmutated "immaculates" that dare to venture nearby.
  • Tower of Babel: This ancient citadel of sorcerers, where they among other deeds wrote and copied the Pandemonicon, fell into decline and was recently destroyed at the behest of Baba.
  • Vega: The "City of Sin" was founded by the exiled Emperor Roland Emeraldo of Dastan, and it soon rose to fame as the world center of unprohibited entertainment.
  • Wailing Warf: A distant village of whalers.

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