As much as I hate to say it, I am in need of Heroica. Recently a shipment of explosive material went missing en route to its location... stolen, no doubt, by the weaselly Shadeaux and their cronies the Shawe family. I am responsible, as the supplier, to ensure that it arrives. I sent a group of sell-swords after them, but they have yet to return, and I fear the worst. So, on the behest of him family, I am turning to your organization. Get by my explosives.
~ Henry Hinckwell

Bad Blood is the eighty-fourth Quest in Heroica RPG. It was hosted by Zepher.


Henry Hinckwell hired the heroes to retrieve a shipment of bombs that had gone missing. WIP


  • Dyric Rone, Level 20 Assassin (Party Leader)
  • Thothwick, Level 24 Black Knight
  • Karie Alderflask, Level 17.5 Witch

Notable NPCs Edit

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