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Blue Hood Thumb

Balthazar Bluehood was a Hydromancer that grew up in Eubric. Spurned from the magic academies for his interest in pursuing useful and down to earth ether usage for the common man, Balthazar began a life long study in to discovering the linkage between the physical and etherial world. Working as a consultant part time, Balthazar collaborated with the Gnome Moranis Szalinski in order to build a transmogrifier that could transmute raw matter into ether. By this time, Bluehood's fascination with his studies had turned to madness. In his effort to recklessly imbue every living thing with ether and show up all the mages who had spurned him for years, Balthazar turned himself into a juggernaut of twisted mass and muscle which heroes of Heroica were forced to kill.

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Balthazar's office.

Appearances Edit

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