Baradon Yavarr is the father of Ezeran Yavarr and the late husband of Meridia Yavarr. He was born in Salmanda where his parents owned a sizeable part of one of the Bazaars where they sold spices. He trained for the position of becoming a Temple Guard but quickly discovered his talents for magic use. He trained as a mage and later became a weather mage. During his career he served as an advisor at many courts including the court of the Emperor Roland Emeraldo of Dastan and a number of small dwarven kingdoms.

He met his spouse Meridia Yavarr in Dastan. While she became corrupted by her serach for demonic knowledge and powers Baradon tried to safeguard their only child from the wrath of Meridia. Meridia finally found Baradon and killed him. However, Baradon had planned Ezerans escape in advance so their son could flee Meridias wrath.

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