Sir Barkley Barkington is a rogue dog who was once a lord, but has fallen out of favor. He still keeps a noble air about himself.

Personality Edit

Sir Barkley is a noble dog who is willing to honor his debts and know when he is defeated.

Biography Edit

Sir Barkley had a varied past before joining forces with Ex-High Commander Pillus. As Russel explained in Quest #41.

Barkley is from around these parts. He served some time with the Town Watch, but went renegade after a nasty run-in with some vampires. He was found by a Sharkling named Gurnam and sold to a fellow named Guffington, but fled after Doc Daneeka tried out an elixir of eternal life on him. He is too noble to be a lab rat. Barkley's not actually that bad of a a dog, I'd rather take him alive rather than dead.
~ Russel Ruffers

Sir Barkley was taken in alive, and spent a year or two with the Frog Paladins, who eventually dropped him off on the Bonaparte's island. He was found by Captain Pierce Lane shortly before the events of A Present for Doc Daneeka.

Don't tell no one, but I think this dog is magic. Did I tell you how I found him? A bunch a' frogs came up to my front door and left him there. Weird stuff, out there.
~ Captain Pierce Lane

Appearances Edit

Battle Statistics Edit

  • Type: Beast
  • Level: 4
  • Health: 20/20
  • Special: Call of the Wild - Barkley let's his inner wild self out, dealing 3 damage to all the heroes.
  • Drops: 20 Gold, 2 Potions

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