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Benedict Greely is a Gnome of Eubric Freeport and former bellhop of the Waltzing Dragon Inn, previously owned by Krook Hinckwell. With the sudden demise of his boss, Benedict was placed in charge by the new owner and soon found out how disorderly Krook had been running the inn. Overburdened by his new responsibilities, the Gnome begged the new owner to send assistance to help straighten things out, including evicting some of the tenants who's debts were long overdue. Heroes from Heroica arrived and assisted the poor Gnome in stabilizing the chaotic business. Benedict is a kindhearted soul, but severely overworked and in a constant tizzy over the management of the inn.

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Benedict under the strain of being both the bellhop and manager of the Waltzing Dragon Inn.

Appearances Edit

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