Bert is a member of the City Watch often seen alongside his friend Andrew. He is the calmer of the pair, and has a better view of heroes than Andrew does. Bert has helped heroes on various quests. Bert appears to have a mixed but optimistic view of the Watch, and is devoted to respecting and assisting all citizens of Eubric, regardless of their status or race.

Biography Edit

Bert was first encountered in Quest #53 while defending a Hinckwell store against some Pongcanis brutes that were making trouble of Vonnetate's behalf.

A number of heroes on their way to Guffington's party encountered Andrew and Bert. Bert allowed them on their way and was content to follow orders to stay away from the party, though he was offended that the hero Hybros suggested that the Watch works for the highest bidder.

Bert appeared twice in Quest 102. While Nerwen was on her way to meet Johnny Everyman she ran into Russel, Pigley, and Bert and assisted them in dealing with a toxic monster. Bert thanked her for her service. He appeared again when the heroes were involved in a bar fight against Strong-Armed Bors. He was able to negotiate for their freedom if they helped defend Thistlethorp for a night. This proved to be a much more challenging endeavor than originally imagined, as Thistlethorp revealed himself as a member of the Cold Circles. A number of members of the Watch and Avery the Red Assassin lost their lives that night, but Bert allowed the heroes to go free.

In Quest #153, Bert walks the heroes to the Court of Demons Clubhouse. He notes that they gave them trouble in the past, but that they have been quiet since their return to the city save self defense. Later, he and Andrew helped the heroes overcome the Native Sons, who had something to do with the disappearance of Medusa.

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