General Sourceress Beth Ziegfried is Altair Ziegfried's hard-assed wife who nevertheless protects her family like a lioness. She was born as a daughter of a duke in one of the High Kingdoms, and she has carried the noble posture to this day. She was a potent mage even before she married Altair, and her area of expertise lies in combat magic.

She became a member of the Ziegfried family about two decades ago, right before her mother-in-law Sycamore passed away. It was much later revealed to be the doing of Abraxas, the Archdemon of Pride, that had been awakened from his thousand year slumber by Sycamore. As the truth was about to be uncovered, Abraxas attacked the Ziegfried Manor and turned all the family members into furniture - Beth herself got transformed into a bathtub. Heroes of Heroica saved the family that day, dispersing Beth's suspicions towards the organization.

The family matriarch Zelda was left in a coma after Abraxas rended her soul into tatters, and it was Beth who hired another group of heroes to collect materials from Salmanda, Zelda's homeland, to concoct a cure for her soul.


Battle StatisticsEdit



Beth transformed into a bathtub.

Beth the Bath

  • Type: Aquatic/Mechanical
  • Level: 5
  • Health: 21/21
  • Special: Splash – makes the environment wet for the next three turns, during which lightning-elemental spells will damage everyone in the battle.
  • Drops: Water Bomb

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