Black Knight is one of the fifteen advanced job classes available to the players of Heroica RPG after they reach level 15. It is available only to original knights and rogues, and combines the defense and the deception of those two.

These errant knights have forlorn their duty.

  • Additional Health: +9
  • Weapons: Black Knights can wield anything suitable for a knight or a rogue.
  • Job Traits: Flee (see Rogue), Intimidation – Rather than using diplomacy, the Black Knights get their way by instilling fear.
  • Battle Style: Corrupted – Black knights look after themselves first over anyone else.
  1. SHIELD: Arrogant Prick - The black knight recklessly breaks through the target’s defences, causing damage equal to four times their weapon power added to their level, ignoring SP. They also steal whatever the target drops to themselves. However, this leaves the black knight stunned for a turn. (e.g. WP 10 x 4 + Level 15 = 55 damage ignoring SP + steal drops + stunned to self)
  2. CRITICAL MORTAL HIT: The black knight attacks with strength equal to two times their weapon power added to their level and the amount of health they have lost. (e.g. WP 10 x 2 + Level 15 + 10 lost health = 45 damage)
  3. MORTAL HIT: The black knight attacks the target with strength equal to their weapon power added to their level and the amount of health they have lost (e.g. WP 10 + Level 15 + 10 lost health = 35 damage)
  4. HIDE: The black knight hides for the remainder of the round, avoiding any action that might come their way.
  5. DEFLECTED DAMAGE: The black knight is struck by the opponent’s attack. The power of the black knight’s shield decreases the effect of the attack and has a 1/6 chance of blocking the attack completely.
  6. SPECIAL DODGE: The black knight has a 1/2 chance to dodge the opponent’s special skill so that it hits the next ally in turn instead, unless the skill hits everybody.

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