My great uncle was the proprietor of the Waltzing Dragon Inn in Eubric Freeport. With his recent passing he left me, his favorite nephew, his establishment. As my affairs with the rest of my father's business keep me occupied I have left the operation of the inn to the previous bellhop a Mr. Greely. Mr. Greely has informed me that there are several tenants that have failed to pay the past months’ rent and I have not the time to follow up on the eviction notices. I need a group of heroes to head to the inn and kick out the squatters that are refusing to move out.
~ Lorcan Hinckwell

Breaking Down the Door, was the sixty fifth quest of the Heroica RPG and was hosted by Waterbrick Down.

Plot Edit

IMG 4321

The party fights off the cursed dragon, Ecastue

Serving as rent collectors for a prominent Hinckwell, the Party explored the Wandering Dragon Inn seeking to discover the true reason behind its owner's sudden demise. The party ran into a plethora of crazy and kooky characters, solving riddles, fixing plumbing, catching lost pets, rescuing petrified fauns, taking tea, and even fighting a dragon. The group eventually solved the accidental murder of the inn's owner and made many new friends.

Party Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

Notable Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Quest 65 is a puzzle based quest and therefor required no battles to be successfully completed.

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