Broomsticks are weapons suitable for mages, clerics, artisans, necromancers and weather mages. As they are ranged weapons, they deal the same damage regardless of the row the user or target is standing in. Many heroes have started their career with a broomstick with three weapon power, and a broomstick with five weapon power is available for 50 gold from Anwyl Smokebeard's Smithy, in the Marketplace.

List of BroomsticksEdit

  • Baba’s Broomstick (Renamed "Mauryl", WP:10, broomstick)
  • Fauxthril Broomstick (WP:5, broomstick)
  • Nimbus Broomstick (WP:5, broomstick)
  • Splinter Broom (WP:8, a sharp piece of shrapnel from the defeated Scafflord, ignores defense, ranged, broomstick)
  • Weatherfax Broom (WP:25; makes weather forecasts instant instead of being applied at the end of the round; suitable to weather mages; broomstick)

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