Once an aspiring hero for Heroica, Byblos participated in only one quest alongside adventurers Adeline Rouge Doux and Ezekiel Drake before resigning, traumatized by getting thrown into a jail and barely escaping with his life. He was then offered a job as the librarian for Heroica, which suited him more than well. As a lover of all knowledge, Byblos does not shy away from any piece of information given to him. His other weakness is a certain yellow fruit.

After a group of Heroicans uncovered a Pandemonicon from the ruins of the temple of Zoot buried underneath Eubric, it was delivered to Byblos for further investigation. He became obsessed by the demonic tome, desperately trying to make it reveal it's secrets to him. The book forced Byblos onto his second quest where he had to fight archdemons before it acknowledged the librarian worthy to read it properly. This opened a whole new world for the Metasimian.

Byblos is the cousin of another Metasimian hero of Heroica, Thothwick. They also have a great-aunt Hathor who runs the Drunken Monkey Bar in the distant Port Farzibar.

In battle, Byblos wields the scholarly power of books.


Byblos among his books at the Library.

Appearances Edit

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