Catnip Everdream was a mysterious, dark-skinned demon huntress that the heroes of Heroica en route to the lost kingdom of Azzurat met in Port Farzibar. She did not tell much about herself, but it was revealed she was after the man with a wide-brimmed hat who stole a copy of the Pandemonicon from the Ziggurat of Azzurat. Catnip followed the man through a portal to Eubric, where both of their traces vanished.


Catnip pursuing Solomon across the desert of Azzurat.

She and her prey reappeared in the Heartlandish town of Goetia, where she finally told how the man in the wide-brimmed hat was her former fiancé, a demonologist by the name of Solomon, who had experimented demonic possession on her. Somehow she survived, and now a demon called Semyaza the Sycophant resided dormant inside her, after transforming her teeth into rows upon rows of rotating fangs. Catnip was so shocked of her lover's betrayal and that she abandoned everything else in order to hunt him down and kill him.

However, when others got to kill Solomon before her, she lost control of the demon inside her and it violently burst out of her, killing her as well. Their bodies were buried side by side in the ruins of Goetia.


The bodies of Catnip and Solomon, side by side.

Catnip relied on her trusty blessed bowgun Sandalphon in her battle against demons.


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