Cave Troll is a savage troll that appears in the Fields of Glory. It throws stalactites to crush anyone who dares to enter its lair. It is also featured in a Decamon card (Rock 6).

Battle StatisticsEdit

Cave Troll

  • Type: Rock/Humanoid
  • Level: 60
  • Health: 2769/2769
  • Special I: Stalactite Throw – The Cave Troll picks up one of the stalactites and throws it at the opposing party for damage equal to the stalactite’s current health to each party member. The stalactite is destroyed.
  • Special II: Drop Stalactites – Creates three more stalactites. Used only when there are no more stalactites in the battle.
  • Drops (varies by roll):
    • 1: Smelly Hide (Makes beasts and humanoids cause half damage to the wearer when “5” is rolled; suitable for barbarians and beast warriors; bodywear)
    • 2-3: Raw Meat (Max. health +5)
    • 4-6: Bone

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