The enormous Chameleon Serpent roamed the Fields of Glory until it was tracked down and defeated by a group of heroes from Heroica. The serpent would change its coloration depending on the element it was hit with.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Chameleon Serpent

  • *Immune to poisoned, petrified, doomed and sudden death* *Absorbs the last element it is hit with*
  • Type: Vermin
  • Level: 75
  • Health: 2882/2882
  • Special I: Camouflage Coil - The Chameleon Serpent coils around the target, dealing 75 damage regardless of row. The Chameleon Serpent then vanishes with its prey, both it and the target avoiding all action until the end of the next round.
  • Special II: Confusing Coloration - The Chameleon Serpent blends into the background and creates images of the heroes on its scaly skin, causing confused to all heroes.
  • Drops: Chameleon Vest (Max. Health +10, the user absorbs the last element it is hit with; bodywear), to each hero 10 GP and the title of "Serpent Skinner"
  • Note: Specials are randomly chosen.

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