Minor Occultess Chesterine, the youngest child of Zed and Sycamore Ziegfried, was involved in a strange accident as a childhood which left her mentally scarred. The truth about it is that her parents got involved with Abraxas, the Archdemon of Pride, and Chesterine saw the demon slay her mother when she was just a child.


Chesterine as a bespectacled chest.

When Abraxas attacked the family estate some fifteen years later, Chesterine was turned into a chest to hide the key to the master bedroom where the demon had hidden his servant Zed. Heroes of Heroica managed to reverse the curse and save the family from doom.


Chesterine chases after Donny Dozenhands.

Due to her disability, Chesterine is aloof and absent-minded, and her cross-eyed gaze has turned away all potential suitors. Despite of this, her biggest dream is to get married. She even wooed Donny Dozenhands, a notorious pickpocket, before his demise.

Chesterine is surprisingly sensitive and compassionate, often predicting outcomes that others can't see, and sensing the feelings of animals and even monsters. She even felt sorry for a Triffid that hunted mages around Eubric, knowing it only acted according to its nature.


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