Chrysalis, in the form the party first encountered her in.

Chrysalis was a changeling that Alfendi Lupine had recruited as part of his gang. She was killed in their assault on the Akrone Winery.

Battle StatisticsEdit


Chrysalis *Instantly gains all effects of any player she Impersonates*

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 90
  • Health: 650/650
  • Special Power: 7
  • Special: Mixture (Guts) – Chrysalis gains the ability to concoct a strange brew, creating a single item from the alchemist's list of mixtures and using it as described, with the exception of Explosion which halves Chrysalis's current health.

Chrysalis, taking on the form of Guts Holla.

  • Special: Arrogant Prick (Alexandre) – Chrysalis Damages the target for 90 damage, ignoring SP, also stealing a randomly equipped item (which will be dropped when Chrysalis is defeated or flees). Chrysalis is then stunned.
  • Special: Spellblade Spin (Hoke) – Chrysalis damages the party 2 to twelve times, determined by two additional die rolls, with the attack dealing damage equal to her level. The damage is divided as equally as possible, starting with the targeting hero, and moving down the list.
  • Special: Petit Breath (Thormanil) – Transforming into a dragon/human hybrid, Chyrsalis deals damage to two members of the party for 90 damage.
  • Special: Mug (Lind) – Chrysalis strikes each opponent for damage equal to their level and steals money off them equal to their level. The gold is non-retrievable.

Chrysalis, taking on the form of Lind Whisperer.

  • Passive Special: Impersonator - At the end of each round and before the beginning of the first round, the changeling chooses a random hero to impersonate in the party. The changeling gains the immunities and positive effects the impersonated hero has, as well as the same SP. (Impersonated Hero is decided by random number generator)
  • Drops: Tricksters Mask of the Human


QMs seeking to imitate Chysalis in their own characters, should be aware that her Specials were based on the Quest 103's party's specific Special rolls, and should consider adapting their characters accordingly.

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