Geomancer Cinnabar is a female rockling that used to produce golems for the Tower of Babel at the great Mud Pit in Babeleth Darklands. She took care of the golems like a mother, and was saddened by the way they worked at the tower until they broke down. Eventually a group of adventurers from Heroica came to her with the intention of destroying the tower. Knowing it would change her life, Cinnabar agreed to help them disguise themselves as golems to get inside the tower - but not before one of them would play a game of Decamon against her. Later, she recreated the leader of the tower's golems, The Seneschal, into a loyal minion for En Sabah Nur.


Cinnabar recreates The Seneschal.

Cinnabar was the "Rock Champion of Decamon" until she lost the title at the first-ever Decamon Tournament.


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