The Daystar Tower, base of the Circle of the Sun in Salmanda.

In Olegaia, a community of spellcasters is often called a Circle of Mages. Most of the large cities in the world have their own Circles, some even several of them. Each Circle has its own rules and rankings, but the Circles are known to keep in touch with each other. Some Circles are formed by a family of mages, such as the Ziegfrieds, but in most cases a Circle of Mages is open to all spellcasters in the region that abide to their rules.

The Circles keep to themselves, which is why unordained citizens rarely notice their presence. Many wizarding communities have been revealed to pull the strings behind the scenes, however, by having members and contacts in high places.

Most of the Circles of Mages worship Ethereth, the omniscient Deity of Magic, but there are also necromantic Circles dedicated to Helvetia and even cultist mages that worship Zoot and the demons of Azazot.

Known CirclesEdit

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