The Circle of Tempestas is a Circle of Mages responsible for the smooth turning of the seasons all across Olegaia. Unlike most Circles, the Circle of Tempestas is spread nearly world-wide, and consists entirely of Mages of the same magical specialization. Given the near-universal benefits the Circle of Tempestas provides to the world, almost all other Circles allow their members to be part of the Circle of Tempestas in addition to their own normal Circle.



All members of the Circle of Tempestas are Weather Mages, as they are unable to perform their duties otherwise; additionally, nearly all Weather Mages across Olegaia are members of the Circle. While members of the Circle usually attempt to manage weather-related tasks in their region year-round, the primary rule of the Circle of Tempestas is mandatory participation in the four seasonal festivals/community gatherings that mark the transition between each season:

  • The Winter Wrap-Up
  • The Festival of Flowers
  • The Summer Sun Celebration
  • The Culling of the Leaves

During each festival, all of the Weather Mages in a region gather under the leadership of an Arch-Meteorologistrate who assigns each participant their task in accentuating the change in season. The means by which the Arch-Meteorologistrate is chosen (as well as their term of service) varies by region, but usually they are a representative of the most powerful and/or prestigious Circle of Mages in the area.

Known MembersEdit

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