Heroeth, a vital piece of my lab equipment hath been acting up ath of late and I need thome help fixing it. Your therviceth vould be greatly appreciated.
~ Dr. Alphonse Cula

Cleaning Out the Pipes, was the one hundred and forty-nineth quest of the Heroica RPG and was hosted by Waterbrick Down.

Plot Edit


Ziegfrieds attempting to steal the Guild of Invision's secret Tonic recipe.

Heroes from Heroica were summoned by Dr. Cula to investigate what was wrong with his alchemy-assembly. Having been shrunk with minimizing dust, the heroes explored the assembly overcoming different puzzles and obsticles while also managing to romantically unite two immobile elementals.

In the end they found out that two emissaries of the Ziegfrieds had teleported to the assembly trying to steal the Guild of Invision's secret Tonic recipe in order to gain ethereal independence from the alchemists. The heroes split on how to deal with the intruders and after a brief scuffle the Ziegfrieds escaped with their research. With the loss of the secret recipe the quest was deemed unsuccessful and while the Guild was glad to get to the bottom of the malfunction they couldn't accept the heroes failure.

Party Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

Notable Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Quest 149 was originally inspired by a D&D adventure.

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