Clubs are weapons suitable for barbarians, alchemists, beast warriors, decamon drafters and infiltrators. Many heroes have started their career with a club with three weapon power, and a club with five weapon power is available for 50 gold from Anwyl Smokebeard's Smithy, in the marketplace.

List of ClubsEdit

  • Blackstone Club (WP:30, earth- and darkness-elemental club)
  • Demon Skull Club (WP:18, double damage against humanoids, club)
  • Fauxthril Club (WP:5, club)
  • Fishstick (WP:7, deals double damage while on a ship, club)
  • Great Spiked Club (WP:10, club)
  • Mockthril Club (WP:4, club)
  • Pongcanis Club (WP:5, club)
  • Rock Club (WP:9, triple damage against electric and icy enemies, no damage against plants and flying enemies; club)
  • Small Spiked Club (WP:5, earth-elemental club)
  • Spiked Club (WP:8, club)
  • Tetsubo (WP:5, club)
  • Wooden Club (WP:2, club)

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