Quest #110: Color Me gone was the one-hundred and tenth quest of the Heroica RPG, hosted by KOTZ.

Plot Edit

The small colony of Tridentia, a town known for its exported fine, rich textiles, had been suffering a mysterious case of disappearing color. One of the tailors, William Morris, sailed to Eubric to enlist the aid of Heroica. Once the four Heroes were chosen, three of whom were new members of the organization, they set off to Tridentia.

Once the party arrived, William and the party found most citizens were hiding in their homes in fear. One of the only people out was Lacy Lane, a shopkeeper, and Daniel Caso, the oldest man in Tridentia.

The party made a quick trip to the coast and found local lady-of-the-night Flora Zent, her son Luke, along with Flora's beau Tom Dale. Unfortunately a fight broke out, with the Heroes killing both Flora and Tom. The Hero Vindsval took Luke under his wing. Once the party returned to the town square, Daniel took Luke in as his own.

As the party continued their quest, they noticed that the colors were disappearing at an alarming rate.The party eventually came into contact with Captain Terrence Lester of Tridentia, a man who had fallen under a spell and eventually attacked them. His dying words helped the Heroes find what they were looking for.

They came upon Calder Den, II. Den was a powerful sorcerer exiled from his family and home. He explained he had set up a home deep in the forest before the colonizers arrived. After they pushed too far into what he deemed his territory, he pushed back, casting a spell to remove the berries. Den attempted to persuade the Heroes to work with him and eliminate the Tridentians, but the Heroes all refused and instead fought Calder Den, II after they convinced him to return to the town square to have peace talks.

Victorious, the Heroes received their rewards and returned to Eubric.

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