Cromeo Nightingale (played by Chromeknight) was a half-elven harlot who was a member of Heroica until the events of the Cruel Angel's Thesis. He did not survive.


Lucifuge appears over Cromeo's corpse.

Being a half-elf in Eubric wasn’t easy, since they don’t really belong to any community. Because of that, Cromeo decided to open himself up to absolutely everyone, without discrimination. That was the way he survived. One of his “new-found friends” was Lothoros Eldar, a Veteran of Heroica. He took Cromeo under his wing and made him join the organization. However, a fateful journey to the Doomsayer’s Island made him a Nephilim of the dark angel Lucifuge. Together with his quest-mates he set out to destroy Heroica – starting with the man that once meant so much to him.


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