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Crube Yewan is a werebat vigilante operating out of Eubric Freeport. Crube sees his city as a decaying corpse with few actually carrying about the downtrodden of the city. The vigilante is skilled with all manner of weaponry and has fought both with heroes from Heroica and against them in an attempt to see his vision of justice meted out. Crube once rented a room in the Waltzing Dragon Inn before he was evicted by heroes for failure to pay rent, though he felt his service to the city was payment enough and the former owner of the inn had always been too afraid of Crube to press him further. Crube assisted another party of heroes in tracking down a monster that had been terrorizing the city, only to discover too late that the monster was an alchemist's attempt to cure a little girl of lycanthropy.

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Crube's room in the Waltzing Dragon Inn

Appearances Edit

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