Daggers are weapons suitable for mages, rogues, alchemists, artisans, harlots, decamon drafters, infiltrators, marauders and regulators. Many heroes have started their career with a dagger with three weapon power, and a dagger with five weapon power is available for 50 gold from Anwyl Smokebeard's Smithy, in the Marketplace.

List of DaggersEdit

  • Berserk Knife (WP:19, causes enraged, dagger)
  • Blunt Dagger (WP:1, dagger)
  • Coral Knife (WP:18, water-elemental dagger)
  • Demonic Scissors (WP:12, fire elemental, dual strike, dagger)
  • Eye-poking Sai (WP:8, blinded-effect, dagger)
  • Fang Dagger (WP:5, deals double damage to beasts; dagger.)
  • Fauxthril Dagger (WP:5, dagger)
  • Glass Dagger (WP:5, comes with Hollow Blade Upgrade, allowing a liquid consumable to be used without spending a turn, dagger) Value: 65 gold
  • Kitchen Knife (WP:2, dagger)
  • Knife (WP:5, dagger)
  • Lifestealer (WP:5, successful attacks restore 3 health to the wielder, dagger)
  • Lilliput Knife (WP:1, wielder’s power is not reduced when under minimized-effect, dagger.)
  • Mercutio's Dagger of Mugging (WP:5, adds 5 gold to gold obtained when Mug shield is rolled, dagger, suitable only for rogues)
  • Mockthril Dagger (WP:4, dagger)
  • Pongcanis Dagger (WP:5, dagger)
  • Rakshasa Waveblades (WP:5 multiplied by the amount of Rakshasa weapons equipped by the party in the battle; dual strike daggers)
  • Sapper (WP:7, successful attacks restore 2 health to the wielder, dagger)
  • Shadeaux Dagger (WP:4, dagger)
  • Shiny Dagger (WP:10, dagger)
  • Serrated Blades (WP:4, causes the bleeding-effect; dual strike daggers)
  • Silver Claw (WP:8, double value to vendors, dagger)
  • Stealth Dagger (WP:12, dagger)
  • Steel Fan (WP:12, dagger)
  • Tiger Claws (WP:12, double WP against humanoids; dual strike dagger)
  • Twin Kunai (WP:6, dual strike, dagger)
  • Twin Sai (WP:10, dual strike, dagger)

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