Mother Danab is said to be the matron deity of all women, holding govern over fertility, health and childbirth. Her most prominent symbols are the apple and the cow. Myths tell how she gave birth to all the sentient races of the world, but one by one they all abandoned her. Furious over this, she summoned death, hunger and sickness to plague her children, but her rage turned into tears as she watched them suffer. It is not true that all women actively worship her, but many rituals related to womanhood are dedicated to Danab nevertheless. Her temples are where most women come for labour - in Eubric Freeport as well. The priestesses in those temples call themselves Sisters of Danab. They veil themselves in white and are respectfully referred to as "aunts". Deep south, she takes a more sinister aspect as Mama Yaya, the giver of sickness and health.

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