Daniel, on far right.

Daniel Collins was a Wolfgang grunt who Alfendi made his lieutenant, and who claimed to be "his most trusted member". He was killed in a battle at the Akrone Winery.

Battle StatisticsEdit



Daniel Collins *Immune to Poison and Sealed*

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: N/A
  • Health: 750/750
  • Special Power: 1
  • Special 1: Precision Blow – Daniel strikes the hero where it hurts, dealing damage equal to their level negating SP and causing the stunned and Weakened effect.
  • Special 2: Confidence Boost - Being the smug thing he is, Daniel Encourages himself for 3 round
  • Passive Special: Lust - Daniel Collins level is equal to the attacking hero.
  • Drops: 25 gold, Pronged Gauntlet (WP: 6, Knife)

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