Demons are creatures of pure evil, destruction and chaos residing in the Void, which is also known as Azazot. Myths tell they are creations of Zoot, the enemy of gods. Demons can breach into the mortal realm through rifts in time and space, which can also be created by a powerful mage.

In ancient times, a tome called Pandemonicon was written to those wishing to control demons, but the book itself became corrupt by demonic powers and thus it became highly risky to use it. Entire kingdoms (such as Mercution and Azzurat) got eradicated because they thought they could use the powers of the demons to their benefit.

The most powerful demons are known as Archdemons, though depending on the circumstances certain powerful demons can, when equipped with their favored relics, rival them in sheer strength. Many of these "Greater Demons" were sealed away or banished in ancient times, but their influence can still be felt through the relics they left behind.

Demon is also an enemy type that is weak to light and impervious against darkness. Demons are not susceptible to be raised as undead by a Necromancer or tamed by a Sylvan Ranger.

Known Demons Edit

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