Detraehd Loc, like her name implies, is a cold-hearted assassin of the subterranean Fenarian race. She originally came to Eubric to join the Red Assassins, but when her contracts began to produce too many victims as collateral damage, the organization shunned her. She would have succumbed to the Red Death had not Ulric Wolfkin, the leader of the Wolfgang, personally aided her to overcome it.

The act of compassion confused Detraehd, who had been raised amidst inhuman cruelty and killed countless people starting from the time she was old enough to hold a blade. She hesitantly joined the organization, and even made some friends among other outcasts. She and the only friends she had ever gotten started to call themselves the Fearsome Four.


Detraehd assassinates Grimelda.

They were all recruited to a mission in Babeleth, lead by Mr. Gaunt, where they had to intercept a group of heroes from Heroica and coerce them to destroy the Tower of Babel. The turning point was when Detraehd tested the heroes' feelings about the Wolfgang with an elaborate plot that involved her killing Grimelda, an innocent innkeeper of The False Wizard in Vega, claiming she had been a Red Assassin trying to poison them. The truth was later revealed, and the heroes - apart from one - agreed to turn their coats in favor of the Wolfgang. Unlike her three friends, Detraehd never joined the heroes in their mission, but was rather sent after the one that had split from the group, Throlar Wineghilm. Together with her friend Orokai, she faced the dwarf and a harlot named Nazgulie on the Blood Brick Road outside of Vega, but only Throlar left that battle alive.

The surviving members of the Fearsome Four, Hodurr Thornback and Walbartan remember Detraehd Loc as a woman who never spoke about her feelings but showed them in small gestures.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Detraehd Loc the Fenarian Assassin

  • *Attacks are ice-elemental and have 1/6 chance of causing sudden death* *Immune to sealed, bleeding and cursed*
  • Type: Humanoid/Dark
  • Level: 40
  • Health: 51/51
  • Special: Grim Reaper – Has 1/6 chance of causing sudden death to all opponents. Also steals gold equal from each opponent equal to their level.
  • Drops: Leets d’Loc (WP:9, ice-elemental longsword), Red Assassin's Veil (Grants immunity to sealed, bleeding and cursed), Phoenix Essence

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