“An associate of mine in Eubric, Dr. Slant, said he’d send me some important documents a while ago... Some time has passed, and he hasn’t sent them yet. Could you get them from his house and bring them to my cabin just South of Draida bay, please?”
~ Harold

Quest 106#, Devilish Documents, was the one hundredth-and-sixth quest of the Heroica RPG, hosted by Pyrovisionary.

Plot Edit

After making their way to Doctor Slant's appartment, the party encountered a Drunk Undead Peasant, who mistakenly believed they were there to apprehend him. Aided by several Plagued Rats, he assaulted the heroes, but was swiftly taken out.

After a short period spent convincing the butler that they meant no harm to Doctor Slant, and learning that the house had been secretly ransacked by an elf wearing a cloak, they were finally admitted entrance, and received the documents they had been hired to deliver - Doctor Slant explaining that they would need to hire a ship to carry them to the town of Portston, and from there, they would need to travel south by foot to Bismark's cabin.

Arriving at the docks, they came across three ships - the Red Rooster, the Blue Moon, and a Bonaparte scupperer. Striking up a rough friendship with one of the marines, they managed to get free passage on the scupperer.


Hands standing about on some of the lesser Eubric Docks.

Several hands of Blackjack later, they landed at Portston, where they shopped for gear, and found a room for the night. After gaining a map from the Portston Landlady, they set out into the forest - where they were suddenly attacked by two elves. They were, though, dispatched even quicker than the rats had been.

Finally gaining the cabin, and hearing loud noises being emitted from it, they firmly knocked on the door. The noise suddenly ceasing, they entered to find an Elven Assassin, standing over the bleeding Bismark, holding a long knife. The Assassin explained that the papers had been stolen from the The Guild of Invision, and that he and his fellow elves had decided they wanted to steal them for themselves. Quickly engaging the elf, they fought him, but after a difficult struggle, he teleported away.


The assassin standing over Bismark.

Healing Bismark, he dismissively explained that the papers were recipes "For some rather powerful bombs.". He quickly handed the heroes their rewards, and returned to his work.

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The quest was initially supposed to have a longer, dialog based ending, but travel forced the QM to cut it short.

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