Acclaimed Heroes of Heroica, we have come to you in a time of most duress. We, the shining kingdom of Duplovia, have long been at war with the city of Delfrin. We hope that is all about to change; recently, our two kingdoms have begun to meet regarding a truce. However, much to our chagrin, there are those who would rather this not happen. Already we have had received two reports of attempted assassinations against the two thrones of our fine cities. This is something that we would rather not happen. As we have little troops to spare from the meetings, we call on you to assist us in our time of need and track down these criminals.
~ Eyric Rone, royal guard

Discord in Duplovia is the sixty-fourth Quest in Heroica RPG. It was hosted by The Legonater and was the first in the Duplovia Arc.


The Road to Duplovia Edit

After years of war between the mighty kingdoms of Delfrin and Duplovia, the King of Delfrin proposes a peace treaty. Several meetings between the two kings take place, but tensions rise when both meetings are thwarted by assassination attempts. As they establish a third meeting in Duplovia's walled city, Prefect Eyric Rone suggests the hiring of Heroes of Heroica. King Somoril of Duplovia agrees to the suggestion, and not much longer an invitation is sent to the Hall.

With four heroes chosen Duplovian Knight Aves is sent to ensure their safety on the way to the High Kingdoms. On their way they are attacked by pirates, who leave behind a note from their employer. The note is clear - the pirates where sent to kill the heroes. Further investigation of the pirate ship shows they sailed from Newharbour. The heroes decide to brave the danger, and investigate Newharbour.

On their way into Newharbour they are met by Captain Pellaeon of the Bonaparte fleet. Shocked by the news of pirates, Pellaeon decides to escort them on their way to Duplovia. Their investigation in Newharbour leads them to a dark bar, where they meet the beggar Morcrass and the mysterious Archer. Archer tells them about the Hidden Skulls, who Aves recognizes as one of the prime suspects in their investigation. He also speaks of a second group, one with a white hand on their armour.

As the heroes leave Newharbour, they are ambushed by a group of Hidden Skulls. They are quickly dispatched, but Thalion leaves the leader, Vastin, alive and tortures him for information. Vastin accuses the heroes of being criminals, citing a few of their actions in Dastan as evidence. Fed up with the accusations, Thalion leaves Vatin alone and the group continues to Duplovia

Investigations Begin Edit

At the Gates of Duplovia the group meets Captain Quellir. Pellaeon says his farewells, and the heroes continue forward with Quellir. TBC


Notable NPCs Edit

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