A famous socialite even in her afterlife, the vampire Donna Winter became known as the "Eternal Queen of the Dancefloor". She gathered many obsessive fans that wanted to get bitten by her to join her everlasting revelry. However, her fame was cut short when she crossed a group of heroes from Heroica on her way to a Carly Swift concert.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Donna Winter, the Eternal Queen of the Dancefloor

  • *Darkness-elemental attacks*
  • Type: Undead/Humanoid
  • Level: 9
  • Health: 45/45
  • Special: Murder on the Dancefloor – Donna Winter sings a killer song, with a 1/6 chance of instantly knocking out each opponent.
  • Drops: Amethyst, Murder on the Dancefloor (Has 1/6 chance of instantly knocking out each opponent (unless immune to *sudden death) when sung; costs 30 ether per round; Battle Song)

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