Dr. Trice is an elderly human alchemist who was banished from the Guild of Invision on grounds of unethical investigations, in terms of trying to create life in alchemical manners. He lives in a mysterious house somewhere in the mountains between the grand Mt. Ulysses, and Shelbric. His arch-rival Almite Bob was killed by the heroes of Quest #42: The Meaning Of It All, when he sent the heroes out to collect the last three ingredients necessary to make his staff of life. After going mad from the staff's corrupting power, he was defeated but his life was spared by the heroes. After being reunited with Adam (the fact that Adam is Trice's son is implied and not a confirmed fact), Dr. Trice continued living in his mountain abode continuing with his alchemical researches. It is rumored in Eubric that he had discovered a way to turn gold into mythril, and that the Guild was inviting him back because of this discovery, but there is no basis to this rumor.

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