Draconius Draco ran a small arena in the in some unknown location with assistance from the Dark Lady Wren. It was revealed eventually that he had served merely as a tool for her, and she killed him by stabbing him in the back (literally) after the heroes had disarmed him.


  • Quest#7: The Arena
  • Quest #139: Around the World (Spirit)

Battle StatisticsEdit


  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 12
  • Health: 120/120
  • Special: Chaos (Gift From Lady Wren) - Inflicts 1 damage to all opponents, randomizes battle order for next round drops one random, AND drops one random item that a player can use a turn to retrieve next round (Possible Items (Dice will be rolled for this):  1: Ice Bomb, 2: Potion, 3: Fire Bomb, 4: Explosive (Does an additional 1 damage to everyone automatically), 5: A rock (does nothing), 6: Phoenix Essence)
  • Drops: 200 Gold, Zoot’s Play Thing

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