Professor Drucilla Eldritch teaches magic and healing at the Academy of Enlightenment. She is also a potent archmage, and her magical prowess was what attracted the attention of her husband Malastor Eldritch back when they were young. The two of them have had a rocky marriage, trying to have children to keep the Eldritch lineage going. Unfortunately, every attempt has resulted in the child being stillborn. This has made Drucilla bitter and worn out.


Drucilla meets her husband after being saved from the Void.

When the Academy was transported into the Void with most of the teachers and students inside, Drucilla was among them. The story-telling demon Saga swallowed her and some of the students, making them part of outlandish stories. Drucilla played the part of a wicked witch in the story she was cast into. She eagerly helped the heroes of Heroica that came to their rescue, and together they returned the school back to the mortal realm.


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