Short and stout, the dwarves are physically accustomed to their lives under the ground. Both males and females have long, bushy beards, making them nigh indistinguishable from one another, although some surface-dwelling individuals have chosen to shave theirs to better fit the surrounding culture. There are clans of Dark Dwarves living much deeper than common dwarves with soot-black skins and a weakness to sunlight due to the corruptive magics running rampant underground.

Dwarves are natural masons, smiths and craftsmen, and they are said to be the most arduous workers in the world. Their underground cities are a marvel to behold, for the dwarves have an eye for detail and architecture. But they also have eye for precious metals and jewels, labelling the whole race greedy and selfish. For this reason they usually don't like to mingle with other races, and most clans have shut themselves inside their mountains. Dwarves usually live for half a millennium.

Dwarf CharactersEdit

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