The Elven Assassin, standing over Bismark.

The Elven Assassin was an elf working in tandem with two others, who were after Bismark's papers. He possessed some knowledge of teleporation magic.

Battle StatisticsEdit



Drunk Undead Peasant

  • Type: Undead/Humanoid
  • Level: 16
  • Health: 100/100
  • Special: Curse – All heroes gain a random negative effect.
  • Passive Special 1: Last Resort Escape - Upon reaching 0 health the Elven assassin teleports away.
  • Passive Special 2: Assassination - The elven assassin has a 1/6 chance to KO the hero who rolled damage.
  • Drops: Nothing.


As his bio lists him as Humanoid/Demon, he may have had Demon ancestry.

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