Most elves live in very secluded communities in far-off locations, which has prevented their numbers from growing despite their nearly infinite life expectancy. This has also resulted in diverse elven cultures that shun each other. The three most influential cultures are usually referred to as the "Star Elves" of Spesialia, the "Moon Elves" of Mercution and the "Sun Elves" of the Eversummer Islands. Other distinct cultures include the woodland elves and the nomad elves. However, in recent times many elves have felt drawn to the growing cities, so the race is finally starting to mingle with the rest of the world.

In addition to the purebred elves, half-elves are an uncommon combination when one parent is elvish and the other is not. There is a rare breed of house-elves, as well, but whether they are true elves or something else is up for debate.

Appearance Edit

Elves are lither and slightly taller than the average humans, but their most notable feature are the pointed ears. Elves usually lack facial hair, so any individuals with beards and moustaches are likely to have ancestors from other races in their bloodline. Most have a fair skin tone, but the Wood Elves usually have yellow skin whereas the Sun Elves have dark skin.

Elf CharactersEdit

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